Communication Options

In spite of the rocky start to the year, the days and months have flown by; so much so that I’m stunned to find: it’s already November.

November is a month where my worlds intersect. The first deadline for yearbook occurs in the second week and the annual week long event that is the Book Fair follows close on its heels.

I find myself very much entrenched in the design world, a world that has little in common with my assigned roles and duties and yet, design is something that I hold near and dear. Case in point: I’m taking photos and uploading them, doing layout for the yearbook cover and pages while also putting together the twelve page master booklet that goes out to all families that keeps them appraised of all Book Fair events and happenings.

There’s a part of me that loves this time of the month. And there’s a part of me that hates this time of the month for reasons I won’t go into.

Regardless, for quite some time now (a little over 8 years, I think) I’ve been a staunch supporter of WordPress. For those that are not familiar with WordPress, it’s a Content Management System (CMS) that basically allows you to create a website. As a user, you can write daily, weekly or monthly “posts” that are set up as like a blog.

I’ve used it for personal and business purposes and have always believed it is a great vehicle for disseminating information.

For instance, is where I post my musings on all things happening in my working world and it has a section where I can post about the upcoming book fair. Should I want, I can even create a new section on all things yearbook.

So, where am I going with this post?

Well. Our school has been exploring various vehicles for improving communication, both internally and externally. We have our own portal and something new that we’re trying this year is that each grade level is responsible for putting out a newsletter via

According to their website, “Smore makes it easy to design beautiful and effective online flyers and newsletters.”

In late May last year, before school let out, I heard about a company called that helped users “easily create beautiful designs and documents.”

Going back to my mention of how I hold design near and dear to me and coupled with my knowledge that a) teachers aren’t really those that have a great amount of time on their hands b) don’t really have access to the best design tools, I’m curious to see which is the better tool smore or canva?

And how does WordPress fit into the puzzle?

For next week, we’ll explore a little of each.