And cue your respective song of choice: In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry. Summertime, the classic by the Sundays. Island in the Sun, Weezer.

Couldn’t resist that last one for old time’s sake. Way back in the day some friends and I went to a concert of theirs when they were labeled as Goat Punishment, oh that takes me back.

Yes it is summertime, three entire months where I’m not obliged to wake up at 5 am and have to eat like Pavolv, conditioned to the bell schedule. Time where I can make a meal like this and actually savor it:

The luxury of enjoying lunch.

The luxury of enjoying lunch.

That’s penne pasta, cottage cheese and a mixture of veggies for you there, seasoned with some pepper. Mmmm…

You’ll be able to tell that I like food when you see the tremendously BIG bowl that’s needed for me to consume this. Slowly, now, remember….

In addition to the hefty pyramid of books I’m reading over the summer, I also take the time to look over cookbooks. NetGalley comes to my rescue again, as the only thing I’m spattering when attempting recipes is my phone screen.

I’ve come across some wonderful cookbooks, some with recipes that are easy, some with recipes that take a little more time. It’s worth a look through if you haven’t tried it and for a foodie, it’s a good way to mix up your culinary repertoire.

Back in the day — before NetGalley and Blue Apron— my sis and I’d watch cooking shows over the weekend, and whatever was being made we’d list the ingredients, then head to the grocery store to round up the items and attempt a meal. Alton Brown was a favorite. As was America’s Test Kitchen. The latter had a rather authentic Asian Chicken Noodle recipe that we made for the family and everyone loved.

When I mention being on a school schedule and having the summer free to do as I please, lots of folks are envious and ask what I do with my time. Reading. Eating. Looking for recipes that’ll keep me happily fed when I’m back on the clock come August.