September 20-23: David Shannon

In preparation for visiting author David Shannon’s return to MJS, we’ll be discussing his books this week in grades K-2. His latest book, Duck on a Tractor, was met with giggles and smiles, and there were several gasps when I showed the classic, A Bad Case of Stripes.

3rd grade this week will continue with fictionalized biographies: last week we read about Louis Braille, Chris Hadfield and Millo Castro Zaldarriaga. This week, we’ll learn about Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the man who invented the super soaker: Lonnie Johnson.

In 4th grade, we’ll continue to dive deeper into Fish in a Tree and consider the mindset of Ally Nickerson, a kid who’s struggling with dyslexia. The students have peppered me with questions about dyslexia, so maybe some research is in order. One thing’s for certain: I can’t wait to introduce them to Mr. Daniels and how he eventually changes her mindset.