Questions for author David Shannon

In preparation for David Shannon’s return visit to MJS this November, I had students practice their questions for him. It was a hectic Tuesday as we had a lockdown drill, and a group of 8th graders unattended for a good portion of the period, but the 2nd graders really rallied and came up with wonderful questions.

We first re-read A Bad Case of Stripes, a book that can keep their attention no matter how many times they hear it. Then, we reviewed what a question is and is not, something I may need to work with K and 1st graders on as they’re at the age where they just like to share random facts about themselves. I had students partner up and brainstorm questions with a classmate and alternated taking videos of students asking their questions either by themselves or part of a group. Here are the questions they came up with!

Great job, 2nd grade!