Twin. Accidental webmaster. Baby-sitters Club aficionado.

Hi there! I’m fortunate to be the library assistant working in an independent K-8 school in Pasadena, CA. My passion for reading is quiet, but strong, and I’m all about supporting students and helping them find their niche in the reading world.

In addition to loving books, I’m an identical twin (that’s me on the right) and I enjoy using technology in all its forms. I was once an accidental webmaster for a musician, enjoy photography and worked on the school yearbook with a group of students, and often dabble in organizing information in a one stop spot for the annual Book Fair.

My reading interests are eclectic; I read anything from graphic novels (Kibuishi, Telegemeier) to science fiction (Ellison) to young adult page turners (Tahir). Feel free to connect with me via social media using any of the icons shown.